Ronald S. Roadburg Foundation

Announcements: January 6, 2022 The Foundation announces the appointment of our new CEO, Mark Gurvis. For details, click here

Ronald S. Roadburg

The Ronald S. Roadburg Foundation is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is funded by the generosity of Ronald Roadburg, a Vancouver businessman who passed away in 2021. Mr. Roadburg wanted his estate to help fund Tikkun Olam, the Hebrew words for striving to repair the world.

Our Mission

  • To help alleviate certain chronic problems in society by funding innovative potential solutions, with the goal of transformative change for those challenged by those problems. Addiction is an issue we have already targeted.

  • To help secure at-risk communities, in particular to help shield them from racism and violence.

  • To strengthen the Jewish community both locally and beyond.

"We fund Transformative Change"

We assist Canadian Registered Charities who, with the proper funding, have the creativity and credibility to carry out substantive and detailed plans that will alleviate serious problems facing society.

Generally, the Ronald S. Roadburg Foundation’s researchers will determine which problems it intends to tackle and will seek operational partners who are already providing charitable services in that space. Most funding will not be made through an application process, but through the Foundation reaching out to likely charitable partners. For this reason, we don’t have an online application form.

We are a foundation focused on building partnerships with accredited, creative and knowledgeable Canadian charities to tackle societal problems in new ways.